Welcome to Open Day 2021 from EAGLE!

Hello Open Day students!

Welcome to Success at MLS, the EAGLE Program’s online blog.

EAGLE stands for Early Academic Guidance for Legal Education. Our program runs informal group study sessions for Juris Doctor (JD) students at Melbourne Law School. The aim is to provide a casual, friendly space where students can socialise, brush up on legal academic skills and learn from an upper-level JD student.

If you’re interested in studying law, EAGLE will be a useful and supportive resource for you. Topics we discuss include:

  • How to read cases and court judgments
  • How to write a legal essay
  • How to answer a hypothetical question
  • Law exam strategies
  • Time management and wellbeing

While you’re here, we encourage you to have a browse of our website to get an idea of the kinds of skills and strategies you will be able to develop if you choose to pursue the JD at Melbourne Law School.

We hope you continue to enjoy exploring what Melbourne Law School has to offer!

From the EAGLE Program