LASC Workshops

We will post updates to the workshops we run.  In 2022, this is what you can expect so far:

2022 Research Workshops

Lunchtime Legal Research Workshops – Semester 2, 2022

These lunchtime research workshops are designed for law students who are writing a research paper. The workshops are facilitated by the LASC and Law Library. All workshops will be held via Zoom from 1-2pm (so feel free to bring your lunch). No bookings are required.

To access the Zoom links, you will need to go to the LASC Canvas community page for legal research.

The workshop will be recorded and will be available on the Law Library and LASC community websites.

Other workshops being held include:

  • Monday 15 August @ 1pm – Developing a Research Topic & Approaches to Legal Research
  • Tuesday 16 August @1pm – Finding Secondary Sources for Your Research Paper
  • Thursday 18 August @1pm – Researching Australian Legislation
  • Monday 22 August @ 1pm – Researching Australian Case Law
  • Tuesday 23 August @1pm – Managing Your Research with Zotero
  • Thursday 25 August @1pm – Researching Public International Law
  • Monday 29 August @ 1pm – Researching Foreign Law
  • Tuesday 30 August @1pm – Digital Technology and the Law
  • Monday 3 October @1pm – Legal Research using free online resources


Legal Research Gatherings

We will also be holding a number of legal research drop-in sessions for all students who wish to ask questions, connect with other students and brush up on their legal research skills:

  • Tuesday 30 August @ 5pm – Legal Research Gathering 1
  • Thursday 15 September @ 1pm – Legal Research Gathering 2
  • Thursday 6 October @ 5pm – Legal Research Gathering 3

JD Legal Research Streams: Semester 2 Drop-in Sessions

In addition to the lunch legal research sessions that are available, the LASC and Law Library are offering a series of drop-in sessions for law students who are undertaking a JD Legal Research subject:

  • Drop-in session 1: Monday 5 September @ 4:00pm
  • Drop-in session 2: Thursday 8 September @ 10:00am
  • Drop-in Session 3: Tuesday 13 September @ 4:00pm
  • Drop-in Session 4: Thursday 22 September @ 1:00pm

Students do not need to book to attend; these sessions will not be recorded.

Please note: these sessions are for Melbourne Law School students./p>

Before coming along to the Q&A sessions, we recommend you take a look at the Legal Research in Practice module on the LASC Community. Access is for University of Melbourne students and staff only. If you don’t have access to the LASC Community, you can self-enrol, this page has further information on getting access.

JD Writing Workshops

Legal Theory

    • Presentation – Best Advice on Writing your Theory Paper, by Chantal Morton
    • Writing Q&A Drop-ins hosted by Chantal Morton

JD Electives and Capstone Legal Research Subject

    • Please join the relevant standalone MLM workshops

Legal Academic Skills Centre Workshops

Intensive Workshop Series

Chantal Morton’s MLM Skill Building Workshop Series runs for two weeks starting Monday 25 July 2022 with sessions every weekday from 2 – 4 PM.

You need to register to receive the zoom link.  Please register.  You will need to use your unimelb login information to fill out the microsoft form. 

This workshop series is designed primarily for Masters students and is an opportunity to develop your common law legal analysis and communication skills. Non-masters students are also welcome to attend.

Workshops are held at a relaxed pace with opportunities for practice and discussion.

There are ten sessions over the two weeks and they cover the following topics:

Week starting 25 July 2 – 4 PM

      1. Monday – Strategies for reading legal materials
      2. Tuesday – Critical engagement with your material – logical fallacies
      3. Wednesday – Taking notes and time management for completing assignments
      4. Thursday – Reading case law
      5. Friday – Reading case law continued
    1. Week starting 1 August 2 – 4 PM
      1. Monday (1 August) – Common law legal reasoning – using our new skills
      2. Tuesday – Strategies for Writing Legal Research Papers – setting a research question and structuring your argument
      3. Wednesday – Using law and secondary sources to support your argument
      4. Thursday – Referencing (Footnotes) and the AGLC
      5. Friday – Preparing for weekend take-home exams and writing an answer to a hypothetical problem

Standalone Sessions

Chantal Morton also runs standalone sessions on legal analysis and writing essays and exams.  These sessions are fast-paced workshops designed for people already familiar with the basic elements of the common law legal system and writing for law.

Reading case law and common law legal reasoning Saturday 20 August 1 – 4 PM (Zoom)

    • This session is designed for students new to the common law legal system.  It is the same content that we covered in the intensive series, but at a faster pace.:   Register.

Essays 27 August 1 PM – 4 PM (Zoom)

The essay workshop is appropriate for someone new to writing an 8,000 legal research paper for Melbourne Law School. Topics covered include:

    • Setting a research question
    • Critical engagement with the material
    • Developing an argument
    • Structuring your analysis
    • When to footnote
    • Formatting your document according to the Australian Guide to Legal Citation

Register in advance for this meeting

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting

Exams Saturday 1 October 1 PM – 4 PM (Zoom)

The exam workshop is primarily designed for people who are new to the common law legal system.

    • Preparing for the exam (review and exam ready notes)
    • Managing your time over the weekend
    • Answering hypothetical problems
    • Answering exam essay questions

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Writing and Research Workshops

(scroll down to the bottom for workshops on academic skills for the masters program)

2022 July Winter Writing Camp

2022 6-Session Series

The new and improved (I hope!) Writing Camp 2022 launches this JULY.

We will meet the weeks of 4 July and 11 July (2022) on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 2 – 4 PM.

If you are interested, you need to register by 5 PM on Monday 27 June (just one week away).

Each session will include an opportunity to socialise with your colleagues, an explanation of a grammar principle and how it is important for clear legal writing, and an opportunity to practice and get some feedback.

Possible topics:

    • modifiers (how to use them and where to put them)
    • active and passive voice (and when to use these techniques)
    • pronouns and referents/antecedents
    • indefinite and definite articles
    • nominalisations
    • Subject-verb agreement
    • and in the ‘other’ category some of my favourites: sentence structure, linking, and vocabulary/legal terminology.

2022 July Stand-alone Sessions on Writing Concisely and Persuasive Writing

I am also running 2 workshops for students who attended the writing camp in 2021. We are taking what we learned to the next level.

    • Tuesday 5 July 10 AM – 12 PM: Writing Concisely.  How to be more precise and concise in your writing. REGISTER
    • Tuesday 12 July 10 AM – 12 PM: Persuasive Writing.  How using some basic rhetorical methods and grammar to be more persuasive. REGISTER