JD EAGLE Program

Melbourne Law School’s EAGLE Program is dedicated to helping first year JD students develop their legal academic skills and successfully transition into law school. (EAGLE stands for Early Academic Guidance for Legal Education.)

How does it work?

In a small group setting, a later-year JD student (the ‘facilitator’) will take students through important academic skills, including:

  • Reading and note-taking
  • How to write answers to hypotheticals/problem questions
  • How to construct a legal memo
  • How to research and write legal essays
  • How to prepare and practice for oral presentations
  • How to make notes for exams
  • How to prepare for exams

The EAGLE sessions are also a safe and supportive environment for students to ask any questions they may have about law life, including:

  • Time management strategies
  • How to access MLS’ wellbeing resources
  • International and internship opportunities
  • How to find law-related work and volunteering opportunities
  • How to become involved in extracurricular activities at MLS

While the EAGLE program is an optional part of the first year JD curriculum, the more sessions you attend, the better you’ll be prepared to handle first semester!

How do I register for EAGLE?

You don’t have to! The Law School’s Academic Support Office (ASO) automatically assigns you to an EAGLE session when you enrol in the JD. You will receive an email in your student account before the start of Semester 1 informing you of your personal EAGLE session time and room.

2019 EAGLE Session Outline

This year the EAGLE Program is running every single week of Semester 1!

Week & Session Number



Relevant Subject





March 4 Reading and Taking Notes for Law All


March 11 Hypothetical Problems All (focus: Obs)


March 18 Legal Memoranda PPL


March 25  Oral Presentations PPL Obligations interim released Thursday March 28 at 6.30pm (due April 1 at 9am)


April 1 Legal Research Essays Torts PPL memorandum due Tuesday April 2 at 10pm


April 8 Catch up (focus: Wellbeing) All PPL oral presentations (throughout the week)


April 15

(No Friday Sessions)

Catch up (focus: Time management) All Torts essay due Thursday April 18 at 9am
        Non-teaching Week    


April 29 Making Exam Notes All


May 6 Exam Essays PPL


May 13 Exam Hypotheticals (Issue-Spotting)
All (focus: Torts)


May 20 Exam Hypotheticals (Structuring Answers)
All (focus: Obligations)


May 27 Exam Hypotheticals (Writing Answers)
All (focus: PPL)

For queries regarding the EAGLE Program, please contact eagle.unimelb@gmail.com.