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Register for the Cooking Up More Time Workshop

The Legal Academic Skills Centre is delighted to announce a special lunchtime workshop for JD and MLM students called Cooking Up More Time. Facilitated by Graeme Haas and Desi Vlahos (The College of Law Australia), this practical and engaging 25-minute workshop will highlight key strategies for effective time management.

The workshop is offered on the following dates:

  • Monday August 12th 1pm (first year JD students)
  • Tuesday August 13th 1pm (senior JD students and MLM students)

Spaces for this workshop are strictly limited, so register now!

More About this Workshop

Students often tell us that their biggest challenge is ‘time’. This might relate to completing an assignment by an impending due date or finding that spare hour in the day to devote to a personal commitment. The perfect recipe for successful time management is based on the behaviour and emotion that we exert in respect to our perception of time.

There is a French culinary term for the mechanics of time management called ‘mise en place’. Before they start in the kitchen each day, a chef will take the time to plan the day and make sure that everything is in place. A chef who is well prepared will have the perception that they are in control of their time and, as a result, will experience greater satisfaction, lowered stress and positive psychological outcomes such as flow.

Mise is key to culinary success in the kitchen and its tenets can be applied across many disciplines. Learning how to balance time in such a way that it contributes to our wellbeing and helps us to be more efficient is a critical skill which will help you succeed at University and support your transition into professional practice.

Register for the Cooking Up More Time workshop now!