Structuring Your Hypothetical Answer

While IRAC is a handy guide for structuring an answer to a hypothetical problem, it is still only that: a guide. Often a hypothetical scenario will include multiple legal issues that you will need to work through in your answer. This means you may need to include several IRAC structures (or ‘mini-IRACs’) in order to address all the issues raised by the facts.

💡Did you know? There is no single correct way to organise an answer to a hypothetical question. In fact, top scoring answers can be structured in very different ways! However, good hypo answers do share some common characteristics, such as being well-planned and having a logical structure.

Label the Hypothetical Answer

Your task is to read the following answer to the hypothetical problem and to identify the function of each paragraph by typing the correct label into each box. Which part of I-R-A-C does each paragraph represent? (Note that because the answer contains multiple issues, there may be more than one IRAC structure present in the answer.)

The possible labels for each paragraph are:

Main issue




Interim conclusion

Main conclusion


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