What is IRAC?

IRAC is an acronym that stands for Issue, Rule (or relevant law), Application and Conclusion. It provides an easy-to-remember structure for the answers you write to hypothetical problems. Although you don’t have to organise your answer according to the IRAC formula, it’s a handy template to use when you’re starting out!

Click on each word below to expand its definition.


What does an IRAC answer look like?

Read this answer to an imaginary hypothetical scenario (not included) and try to figure out which paragraph stands for the Issue, which paragraph stands for the Rule, which for the Application, etc. When you think you know which part of I-R-A-C each paragraph represents, drag the white slider at the bottom left of the text to see the annotations.

Can you recognise IRAC out of context?

Read each sentence and consider what function it is serving in an answer to a hypothetical problem, then drag and drop the labels to their correct position.


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