Exam Preparation Group/Syndicate Work JD Students

MLS Study Buddy Groups: New Program

MLS Study Buddy Groups is a new initiative at MLS from the Legal Academic Skills Centre (LASC).

If you would like to participate in an online study group with your peers at Melbourne Law School, please fill out your details in the form for first year or upper year JD students linked below by Monday the 25th of May at 12PM.

  • For first year JD students, please fill out this Microsoft Form.
  • For upper year JD students, please fill out this Microsoft Form and nominate which of your compulsory subjects you would like to work on with a study group.


SWOTVAC is the best time to practice past exams with your peers and the LASC is here to help you make connections with MLS students who want to work in an online study group.

What is involved?

The LASC will allocate you to a study group of up to 5 students who you can connect and study with online. By filling out your details in the Microsoft Form, we assume you consent to the distribution of your contact information to the other members of your study group. We recommend that each group meet 3 times for 1 hour via Zoom to review practice questions and study together.

How do I get started?

We will send you a welcome email (by Tuesday the 26th of May) to introduce the members of your group and set out some guidelines for how you can run your study sessions. In your welcome email we will assign one group member as Team Leader, who is responsible for organising the time for the first meeting and setting it up on Zoom.