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JD and MLM students: living in one room? We have advice for that.

Hi Everyone

I thought the advice in this blog post by Sandy Millin, ‘Separating work and life when you’re quarantined in one room’, might help many of us living in small spaces.  It is addressed to teachers living in one room share flats, but I think the advice could help all of us.

Some of the tips that I’ve already incorporated (but there are many more at the link above):

  • Create a very clear area that will be dedicated to work. If you are lucky this can be a desk. If not it might just be a chair that you only sit on for work or a part of a table that is for work. Be consistent and disciplined about using the space for work and nothing else.
  • When you’re not working, cover this space with something so that you can’t see it, for example a blanket or a spare bed sheet. ….
  • Create signs for yourself that say what you’re doing at each part of the day. This might be teach, admin, relax, chat. Put the sign somewhere obvious so that you can see it regularly to help you remember which phase of your day you’re in ….
  • Create a routine for ‘going to work’. For example, walk backwards and forwards in your room 10 times, ritually remove the sheet from the workspace, and then sit at your chair…..
  • Other routines could also be useful. Include routines for breaks, exercise, and regular meals. If you have the possibility of going outside, think carefully about when to incorporate this in your routine so that you got the maximum benefit from it….


Hope you are all doing ok.