Dear First Year JD Students

I’ve received a lot of requests for appointments to discuss feedback on your Obs and PPL assignments.

Unfortunately, the collaboration code for PPL and Obligations precludes any feedback from anyone including the LASC and the writing advisors, your EAGLE facilitators, and any private tutors.

I am sorry you are primarily on your own for these assignments.

However, there is good news.  We have prepared resources to help you with the assignments.

Your EAGLE workshops covered strategies for organising your PPL memo, and the materials from those sessions were circulated by email this weekend and posted to the LASC Canvas community at the link for EAGLE. 

There’s more help on the Success at MLS page under interactive modules and hypothetical problems (basically, both assignments require you to write IRACs).

You also might want to check the advice from previous first year students re. writing the PPL memo and hypothetical problems on Success at MLS (just put memo or hypo in the search field).

You’ll find a PPL checklist in the LASC Canvas community as well.

Finally, precise and accurate explanations of the law and explicit application of the law to the facts is an important skill you need to demonstrate in all your assignments.  So, do a careful edit – and if you want some advice on clear and grammatical writing, check out the modules on Success at MLS.

Good luck!