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An International MLM Student’s Journey at Unimelb

Compass in the mountains
The journey begins 

The journey at UNIMELB

History is more than a Path left by the past, it influences the present and can shape the future.

My decision to join the University of Melbourne was the best step I took in my life. The motivation and support that I have received from the University’s librarians and from the Legal Academic Skills Centre was incredibly unbelievable and very supportive.

When I first started at the university, I was incredibly terrified and lost, the whole idea of me having the chance to achieve my dream and especially in one of the best universities in the world was beyond belief. I remember while sitting in class I was mesmerized and couldn’t concentrate on the lecture, but my situation couldn’t remain like that as I’m here to pursue my dream.

Exams were near, and I was completely lost. The professor had asked us to write a 10K word research paper, which made me terrified, I didn’t know how to start, so I had to pull it together and start writing as the deadline was coming, I started with 500 words then I stopped. I didn’t know how to continue, or how to reach the professor’s request. I reached out to Chantal in the legal academic skills centre; she was completely amazing and very helpful. She started directing me to what I need to do in order to complete the paper, which was incredibly supportive from her. All of this led me to the point where Christina, one of the librarians, and I sat on the 5th floor just reading and trying to gather as much information as possible.

My professor approached me with the greatest news, he wanted to publish my paper! I had mixed emotions, shocked, surprised, and mostly proud. I recall even dropping a few tears. I felt that this university gave me the opportunity to shine and to glow. After reaching to this point everything is much clearer, as I just want to achieve more success. I’m in a place where I get to have the opportunity to be what I’ve always dreamt of.

I was very motivated, and started to study more. I even reached to a point where I didn’t want to leave the building. Because of the University’s support and my hard work can shape my future in a way I couldn’t imagine.

Nawras Amarat