This series of embedded videos provides a sense of what it is like to move to Melbourne and study at Melbourne Law School.

You will hear from students in the JD and MLM programs from many different countries:

  • Evelyn (Chile, MLM)
  • Ira (India, JD)
  • John (China, JD)
  • Meng (China, MLM)
  • Ruben (Indonesia, MLM)
  • Tess (France, JD)
  • Thibaut (France, JD)
  • Walailuck (Thailand, MLM)

We could not have completed this project without the generosity of these students, and their willingness to be recorded as they reflected on their experiences as international students.

Special thanks to Tess and Thibaut: two JD students who took responsibility for developing and implementing the idea we had for creating a resource for international students.  We would have been lost without their commitment and energy.  You will see both of them facilitating the discussion in the videos.

In addition, the filming, editing, and creative direction of another JD student, Kit, and the RockRehab film crew, shine through the final product.  We are eternally thankful for their patience collaborating with us, and the work they did taking 2 hours of discussion and honing it to this series of short videos that capture the wonderful insights of our participants.

Finally, thanks to the Clyde Hotel in Carlton, and LSS President Gus, for hosting our discussion and allowing the film crew to take over their space for a few hours.

We hope you enjoy the videos,

The Legal Academic Skills Centre, Melbourne Law School

What to expect when you arrive in Melbourne with Ruben (Indonesia) and Ira (India)


Studying at MLS with Tess (France) and Meng (China)

Dealing with Culture Shock and Cultural Differences with Walailuck (Thailand) and Evelyn (Chile)

Advice on how to access support with John (China) and Thibaut (France)