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From the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival website:

The inaugural Youth for Human Rights Summit will bring together youth from all over Victoria to learn from experts in Human Rights, participate in interactive workshops and experience the ‘stories that matter’ through film, literature, virtual reality and games.

The Summit aims to empower the next generation of human rights leaders through education, skills training and providing access to industry mentors and young leaders in the Arts and Human Rights sectors.

The unique, innovative program will make human rights accessible and relevant – putting the humanity back into human rights. It will provide a platform for exploring human rights through story and gives all participants the opportunity to discover their own voice, equipping them with the skills and the confidence to use it.

Participants will hear from human rights experts, writers, filmmakers, poets, artists and emerging leaders about how they use their creative skills and innovation to change the world around them.

The Youth for Human Rights Summit is for anyone who wants to understand more about human rights and how as a global citizen, they can do more to make a difference in the world.’

For more information and to sign up for the Youth 4 Human Rights Summit visit the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival website.